Werner Unterberger
Founder of Avery- Wooden Accessories

Werner Unterberger

Create values. This is one of the many principles that my parents taught me.
After I had finished my apprenticeship in mechanical engineering and had worked in several directions, I finally discovered my real passion: Wood. The aim of my new founded label Avery – Wooden Accessories is to successfully establish wood as a sustainable and timeless material in the fashion industry.


Our Vision

Timeless design combined with a sustainable material like wood have been reason enough for me to develop a completely new style. Even though it is “just a watch”, the material gives every Avery watch wearer a certain individuality. Discover that Avery is more than being able to show and measure time. Each wooden timepiece has unique grain, which is as rare as a fingerprint. Therefore, wood as a material has a special feature: it is unique- like you and me.

Wood is characterized by a long growth process and slow movement. Every time our customers look at their watch we want them to slow down rather than speed up, since good things take time, like the piece of wood they are wearing.