Shipping details

Shipping to Germany, Austria and Switzerland is generally free, while shipping costs from other EU countries vary. The cost calculations will be shown during the purchase process. Please keep in mind that shipment sent outside of the EU may be subjected to additional custom fees.

Versandkosten und Lieferzeiten
CountryShipping PriceDelivery time
in business days
Germany0,00 €2-3 days
Austria0,00 €2-3 days
Switzerland0,00 €2-3 days
Other EU-Countries
Belgium9,90 €3-6 days
Bulgaria9,90 €3-6 days
Denmark9,90 €3-6 days
Estonia9,90 €3-6 days
Finland9,90 €3-6 days
France9,90 €3-6 days
Greece9,90 €3-6 days
Ireland9,90 €3-6 days
Italy9,90 €3-6 days
Croatia9,90 €3-6 days
Latvia9,90 €3-6 days
Lithuania9,90 €3-6 days
Luxemburg9,90 €3-6 days
Malta9,90 €3-6 days
Netherlands9,90 €3-6 days
Poland9,90 €3-6 days
Portugal9,90 €3-6 days
Romania9,90 €3-6 days
Sweden9,90 €3-6 days
Slovakia9,90 €3-6 days
Slovenia9,90 €3-6 days
Spanien9,90 €3-6 days
Czech Republic9,90 €3-6 days
Hungary9,90 €3-6 days
United Kingdom9,90 €3-6 days
Cyprus9,90 €3-6 days

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